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Park Hill Junior School


Our vision

At PHJS we teach music in order for all children to have a love of music, resulting in an expression of individuality and uniqueness. Across school, children will be learning about the musical elements as a foundation for building both knowledge and performance, linking to their learning from across the curriculum and through their years in our school. 

We use different musical genres and styles in our lessons as well as performance opportunities within lessons, assemblies and through wider curriculum experiences. 

The children will:

  • Listen and appraise a variety of music by a range of composers, both familiar and unfamiliar in order to gain more curiosity. 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Musical Elements - pitch, pulse, rhythm; understanding dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure and musical notation.

  • Learn to play tuned and untuned instruments.

  • Practice, rehearse and perform through improvisations and compositions. All children will be able to take part in weekly singing assemblies and performance opportunities through productions in the school year. 

Overall, our music curriculum at PHJS aims to inspire and motivate all our children to recognise and appreciate their musical potential, to grow in creativity and confidence and to experience a sense of belonging in our school community and beyond.

Our curriculum

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