SEND Information Report: Who should I contact to discuss concerns or needs of my child?

Class Teacher or Year Group Leader

If you have any concerns about your child you should speak to your child’s class teacher or Year Group Leader first.  You may then be directed towards to the SEND Lead Teacher.

Your child's class teacher and Year Group Leader are responsible for:

  • Providing high quality teaching and learning which is differentiated and personalised responding to the strengths and needs of all pupils;
  • Checking on the progress of your child and identifying, planning and delivering any additional support required to support progress in the classroom;
  • Developing SEND Individual Educational Plans to prioritise and focus on the next steps required for your child to make progress in learning;
  • Discussing ways in which you can help your child at home;
  • Applying the school’s SEND policy. 

Special Educational Needs Lead Teacher (SEND) - Miss C. Waxer

Our SEND Lead Teacher (Miss Waxer) is responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating provision for children with SEND 
  • Ensuring that parents are:
    • Involved in supporting their child’s learning and access;
    • Kept informed about the range and level of support offered to their child;
    • Included in reviewing how their child is doing:
      • Liaising with a range of agencies outside of school who can offer advice and support to help pupils overcome any difficulties
      • Providing specialist advice and facilitating training to ensure that all staff are skilled and confident about meeting a range of needs.



Inclusion Manager - Miss C. Penn

Our Inclusion Manager (Miss Penn) is responsible for:

  • Overall oversight and management of provision for pupils with SEND;
  • Developing the school's accessibility plan;
  • Analysing impact of interventions within the school;
  • Developing the school’s SEND policy;
  • Holds the National Award of Special Needs Co-ordination.




The Head Teacher – Mrs A. Pratt

The Head Teacher is responsible for:

  • The day to day management of all aspects of the school, including the provision made for pupils with SEND.






The Local Advisor (Governor) for SEND – Mrs D. Heron.

She is responsible for:

  • Supporting the school to develop high-quality provision and evaluate impact for pupils with SEND across the school.