Covid-19 Information & Advice

Parenting during this current crisis can be a challenge.  We have discovered some useful tips and website  links where you can get advice and support to help cope in these unprecedented times.

  • Have a break from the news: The situation is changing all the time.  If the information being given becomes overwhelming for you or a family member, remember to take a break.  Read a book, take exercise or  listen to music.

  • Diet and exercise: Make sure that you and the family are eating well and getting enough sleep.  This can improve mood and help to manage stress.

  • Family and friends: Keep those lines of communication open, be it by phone, screen or 2 metre distanced chats!  That way, you can see that they are well and they can see you are well too!

  • Family Fun: Make sure you find time in the day to get together and have some fun.  Board games, dancing to music  or just getting together to chat can make a positive difference.

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health (EWMH) Support during Covid19 for Children, Young People and Families

Here are some local support services that are available for support:

CROYDON VOLUNTARY ACTION: 020 8253 1850 Providing trained volunteers to provide practical support for families

MIND IN CROYDON: 020 8662 9383 Supporting those with mental health concerns


PURLEY FOOD HUB: 07546 635295 

NSPCC CROYDON: 020 8253 1850 includes support and information re supporting your children and you through the pandemic

FAMILY LIVES: 0808 800 2222 Advice for parents on a range of topics, online support


Don’t forget you can always call us at PHJS if you need any information.

PHJS Risk Assessment

Please see the letters page for the most up to date risk assessment.