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Park Hill Junior School

Modern Foreign Langauges

Our vision

PHJS is a multicultural community, and it is our intent to provide all our children with high quality education in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). We provide an opening and understanding to other cultures, and we aim to give our children opportunities to experience a range of other languages. Our MFL is taught in French for Years 3 and 4 and Spanish for Years 5 and 6. 

Our curriculum is well-structured and is devised to enthuse children and build on their curiosity and love for learning languages in general. A wide range of topics is covered throughout the years, which encompass greetings, colours, numbers, family, animals, food, parts of the body, places, seasons and jobs. The teaching and learning focuses on children listening, joining and responding to spoken language, exploring language through songs, rhymes, sounds and meaning of words, engage in conversation - ask and answer questions, express opinions, speak in sentences, present ideas and information orally to an audience, read carefully and show understanding and describe and write phrases from memory using appropriate grammar.

Our curriculum

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