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Park Hill Junior School


Our vision

At Park Hill, our overarching aim is to provide a high-quality mathematics education so that all children have a deep, long-term, adaptable and secure understanding of the subject that they can use in their everyday lives and further education. 

Our mastery approach to the curriculum is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts from year 3 through to the end of Y6. Manipulatives and representations are used to ensure children have a deeper understanding. At Park Hill, we follow the national curriculum and use White Rose Schemes of Work as a guide to support teachers with their planning and assessment. 

To learn mathematics effectively, some things have to be learned before others, e.g. place value needs to be understood before working with addition and subtraction, addition needs to be learnt before looking at multiplication (as a model of repeated addition). 

Our emphasis is on number skills first, carefully ordered, throughout our primary curriculum. Mathletics and TT Rockstars are used regularly in class to ensure that children know their timetables and become more confident and fluent mathematicians.

Our curriculum

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