Local Governing Body


The purpose of the Governing Body is to offer challenge and support to drive school improvements while ensuring clarity of vision, upholding the school ethos and maintaining the strategic direction.

The Governors have a variety of skills and experiences which enables the Governing Body to have a diverse perspective. In order to offer the appropriate challenge Governors attend additional regular training; sometimes this may involve training with the school staff. All training and school visits are recorded to ensure they have an impact on school improvement. Each Governor leads or monitors specific areas of school evaluation where they’ll meet with a specific member of staff regularly, then report back to the Board. Every half term the Board holds the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school in all areas but also gives praise and appreciation when progress exceeds the ambitious targets set.


Park Hill Junior School is part of Folio Education Trust (FET). The structure and remit of the Board of Trustees and members can be viewed here.

Ebru Ertem - Vice Chair
(Chair and Governing Member for Financial Management; Governing Member for Leadership & Management (including Safeguarding).

Ebru is an alumni of PHJS, ‘graduating’ in 1999, and still lives locally in Park Hill.  Ebru became a Board member to give something back to the school she has fond memories from and believes PHJS gave her the foundations to build the career she has had to date.  With a passion for PHJS, and wanting to use her skills and experience she gained from her 10-year career in audit (both financial and operational), she joined the Board in January 2020.

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment:  30/01/2020

Term of Office: 4 Years

Register of interest: Wife of Paras Shah - LGB member

Edie Fairservice - (Governing Member for Quality of Education – Curriculum Implementation)

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment:  23/06/2022

Term of Office: 4 Years

Register of interest: None declared

Priscilla Grant - (Governing Member for Wellbeing of  the School Community):

Priscilla is the lead governor for behaviour and attitude, including the well-being of the overall school community at Park Hill Junior School. She is passionate about helping young people achieve the best they can, regardless of ability and background, and helping to create a safe and enriching environment for students and staff to thrive in.

As a professional working in Banking, she is heavily involved in charity work, mentorship, and diversity initiatives.

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 23/06/2022

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of interest: None Declared

Paras Shah - (Governing Member for Quality of Education - Curriculum Intent and Impact).  Priority Link - Addressing the Gaps.

Paras grew up in Croydon and studied Actuarial Science at the London School of Economics.  Having qualified as an actuary, he specialises in pensions consulting and works in the city. Paras recently became a Board member and is keen to support the school in delivering high quality education to each and every pupil.

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 23/08/2022

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of interest: Husband of Ebru Ertem - LGB member.

Nymphia Bhan - (Governing Member for Behaviour & Attitude).  

Nymphiya Bhan holds a master’s degree in business administration. With her strong capabilities in People, process, and communities, she thrives to bring a positive impact at early stages of children’s lives. With experience in IT consultancy services, she now spear-heads educational activities. She is involved in voluntary activities at different schools, whilst running Compu Konnect,  a talent hub catering to coaching and classes in Arts, Coding, English & Maths for junior school students.

Type of Governor: Parent

Date of Appointment: 15/12/2022

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of interest: None Declared

Andrew Stewart - (Governing Member for Health and Safety).

Andrew has a strong connection with Croydon, having been born and raised in the area (Selsdon) before returning in 2013. He worked in the art world in central London for 15 years before moving into education with experience in areas such as health and safety, IT and catering. He is keen to share his knowledge with the PHJS. Andrew is a coach of the U9s at a local rugby club and a life-long fan of Crystal Palace.

Type of Governor: Parent

Date of Appointment: 15/12/2022

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of interest: None Declared

Ann Pratt, Headteacher

Ann Pratt joined Park Hill Junior School as their Head Teacher in September 2018. Ann has prior experience as a Head Teacher and has taught in both primary and secondary schools.

Ann’s vision for Park Hill Junior school is in line with those of Folio Trust - a community that believes in themselves and in each other.

Ann’s aim is to work with her team to not put limits on what pupils can achieve, so they are well prepared for life beyond Park Hill Junior School.

Type of Governor: Staff Governor - Head Teacher

Date of Appointment: 01/09/2018

Register of interest: Wife of externally appointed piano teacher, Collins Pratt

Lindsay Parkhouse - Year 5 Class Teacher & Music Subject Leader

Type of Governor: Staff Governor - Teaching

Date of Appointment: 01/09/2023

Term of Office: 4 Years

Register of interest: Music & Choir Lead at PHJS. 

Mehreen Imran - Learning Support Assistant 
(Governing Member for Personal Development incl Special Educational Needs & Disabilities):

Type of Governor: Staff Governor - Support (Non-Teaching)

Date of Appointment: 01/09/2023

Term of Office: 4 years

Register of interest: None Declared

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Position Vacant (Governing Member for Disadvantaged Pupils & Safeguarding. Priority Link Curriculum Enrichment):

Type of Governor: 

Date of Appointment:  

Term of Office: 

Register of interest: 


If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the Chair of Governors via the contact form

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