Leading Parent Partnership Award

Leading Parent Partnership Award


Both home and school want the best for children in our care. Parents want them to have the best opportunities so that they can become successful and happy members of the community. Park Hill Junior School wants to provide pupils with the environment and support they need to achieve all their ambitions. Effective partnership between home and school is key to these aspirations. Parents and carers are the most important influence in a child’s life, and the school needs to listen to and communicate with parents effectively to build the trust and understanding needed for pupils to achieve their best. Similarly, any educational initiative can only be fully effective if there is partnership between parents, children and school.

At Park Hill Junior School we recognise the importance of and value parental involvement in the everyday life of the school. We want to develop a close relationship with parents that supports and encourages their children to be the best that they can be. We believe that education is a collaborative enterprise involving amongst others, parents, staff and children. We are therefore committed to establishing and maintaining an effective and purposeful working relationship between the school and home.


Over the next year, we shall be working towards achieving a national award called the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). This award looks at how well we work with parents and carers, how welcoming the school is, and how we support parents in helping their children to learn.

What we hope the LPPA process will enable our school to do:

✓ Improve the induction of parents when their children join the school.

✓ Develop creative and practical ways to engage parents with their children's learning.

✓ Improve communication between home and school, particularly using 'new technologies' to support


✓ Be really aware of the issues facing 'harder to reach' parents and develop strategies to break down


✓ Develop effective consultation strategies.

✓ Provide evidence that meets Ofsted's requirement for parental engagement.


How you can get involved:

To make good use of parents’ expertise and willingness to enhance their own learning and that of their child and other children and to actively involve them in school life we will encourage parents to:

✓ Volunteer to support within classrooms and/or become parent governors.
✓ Attend school performances, events, assemblies, open classroom sessions and celebrations.
✓ Become involved in school projects, such as our edible garden.
✓ Participate in Family Learning events organised by the school, for example during book week.
✓ Join or support the school’s PHSA
✓ Use opportunities to have informal discussions with staff members.
✓ Take part in Parents workshops/ Adult learning courses / EAL support groups
✓ Support parents and carers with attendance issues.

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