SEND Information Report: How will the school help my child move to a new class, year group or school?

Transition can be particularly stressful for children with SEND, who can be anxious about moving on.  At Park Hill Junior School every effort is taken to ensure transition times are successfully managed.

When moving from Park Hill Infants' School to the Juniors:

Staff work closely with our colleagues at the Infants' School to ensure that the transfer from Year 2 to Year 3 is as smooth as possible for all children, but especially those who have additional needs.  The SEND Lead Teachers and Inclusion Managers from both schools meet during the summer term to arrange additional transition support e.g. additional class visits or a transition booklet.


When moving to another school:
When a child with SEND moves from Park Hill Junior School to another school, we will contact the School SENDCo and share information about special arrangements and support that has been made to help your child achieve their learning targets.  We will ensure that all records are passed on as soon as possible.


For Secondary transition, the SEND Lead Teacher and/or Inclusion Manager will meet with staff from all Croydon secondary schools to ensure the relevant information is handed over, to ease the transition into Y7.  We also work with the secondary schools to arrange additional visits etc.


When moving classes in school:
At the end of the academic year, an information-sharing/transition meeting will take place between the old and the new class teacher.
The new class teacher, Year Group Leader and year group LSA will spend time meeting the children in their current classrooms, in an environment where they feel comfortable and can show their strengths.  There will also be opportunities for the child to visit the new teacher and the new classroom will be provided.  If required, we can also ensure that there are opportunities for the parents to meet the new teacher although this is not always needed.