SEND Information Report: How will teaching be adapted to meet my child’s needs?

At Park Hill Junior School, all pupils in school receive quality first teaching. This means that a range of teaching and learning styles are used and that appropriate learning objectives are set for all children with a curriculum matched to their needs.

Teachers are highly skilled at adapting teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Teachers plan thoroughly, in collaboration with their year group team, to ensure lessons can be accessed by all children, including those with individual needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all pupils can experience success and challenge in their learning.

At Park Hill Junior School, groups are organised flexibly with opportunities for children to work in both ability and mixed ability groups to maximise learning opportunities for all.  Each year group is also supported by a Learning Support Assistant who are used to help groups and individual pupils, both in and out of class, with a long term goal of developing independent learning skills.


Some children with SEND need something additional to or different from that which is provided for the majority of children. The following range of interventions is in place to help overcome a range of difficulties. These include:

  • Toe by Toe (support with phonics).
  • Sound Linkage (support with phonics and speech & language).
  • Precision Teaching (to help address gaps in understanding).
  • Catch Up Maths.
  • Catch Up Literacy.
  • 'Post-it note' Interventions (support on the day to address misconceptions)
  • Speech and Language support (in conjunction with the Croydon NHS Speech and Language Service).
  • Access to the School Counsellor or Mentor.