SEND Information Report: How does the school involve children and parents about decisions about provision and support?

At Park Hill Junior School, we value the views of both the pupils and the parents in identifying key strengths and areas of need, as well as planning and reviewing provision. Please contact Miss Waxer (SEND Lead Teacher) if you have any views on these areas, either by contacting the school office on 020 8686 8623 or by emailing

Where possible, we will ensure that parents are kept up to date with the provision of support their child is receiving through the termly consultation evenings.   Where this is not possible or where more regular updates are required, we will agree with you the best way to share information. 

We are also keen to support parents with pupils with SEND and take their views on how we can continue to develop a positive experience for SEND pupils at our school.   

This year we hope to provide:

  • Workshops and advice clients to develop parent knowledge and skills in various areas of the curriculum and SEN.
  • Coffee mornings for parents of pupils with SEND
  • Annual parent and pupil surveys to take views on current SEND practice and recommendations for further development.