Local Advisors (Governors)

The purpose of the Local Advisory Board is to offer challenge and support to drive school improvements while ensuring clarity of vision, upholding the school ethos and maintaining the strategic direction.

The Local Advisors have a variety of skills and experiences which enables the Board to have a diverse perspective. In order to offer the appropriate challenge Local Advisors attend additional regular training; sometimes this may involve training with the school staff. All training and school visits are recorded to ensure they have an impact on school improvement. Each Local Advisor leads or monitors specific areas of school evaluation where they’ll meet with a specific member of staff regularly, then report back to the Board. Every half term the Board holds the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school in all areas but also gives praise and appreciation when progress exceeds the ambitious targets set.

Current LAB Members


Beverley Montgomery (Chair;  Lead Advisor for Leadership & Management):  is full of enthusiasm for the learning of our children and says ‘I am overjoyed to be leading a dynamic team effecting change at Park Hill Junior School. Every child deserves the best education and that's what we intend to ensure.’

Type of Local Advisor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 19/05/2014

Register of interest: None declared

Contacting the Chair: To contact the Chair of the Local Advisory Board, please complete this form stating: FAO Chair of the LAB.  If the matter is confidential, please address an envelope for the attention of the Chair of the Local Advisory Board and hand in to the school office.  We will ensure the Chair receives this.

Shiraz Kabani (3)

Shiraz Kabani (Lead Advisor for Quality of Education - Curriculum Implementation): I have had an eclectic educational career, with backgrounds in engineering, management and organisational leadership.  My professional career has enabled me to amass considerable senior-management experience, particularly in the non-profit and higher-education sector. What I have learnt through these experiences may be of value to the Advisory Board.

Type of Local Advisor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 12/12/2018

Register of interest: None declared.


Carmen Peraita Sanz (Lead Advisor for Quality of Education - Curriculum Intent & Impact):  I have vast experience of analysing data and implementing measures to optimise outcomes. As a mum of three children I understand the necessities parents have regarding their children education. I was a parent advisor at my daughter´s school in Spain and enjoyed working together with teachers to help children achieve their goals.

Type of Local Advisor: Parent

Date of Appointment:  17/01/2018

 Register of interest: None declared.

Modupe Ayeni: Lead Advisor for Behaviour and Attitudes

Type of Local Advisor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 28/11/19

Register of interest: None declared


Dee Heron (Lead Advisor for Personal Development, including Special Education Needs & Disadvantaged Pupils): As a teacher, I have a thorough understanding of the education system and, in particular,  special needs.  I would like to give support and expertise to another school. I am safeguarding lead so have a thorough knowledge of safeguarding and keeping children safe.

Type of Local Advisor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 18/07/2018

Register of interest: None declared


Kimberley Nembhard (Lead Advisor for Health & Safety):  I have been a part of the Park Hill family for numerous years, with a passion for charity work and volunteering. The role of Parent Local Advisor enables me to give my time based on my knowledge and experience, whilst having an impact and influence on the foundation years for many children at this essential stage of their lives.

Type of Local Advisor: Parent

Date of Appointment: 17/01/2018

Register of interest: None declared.

Ebru Ertem (Lead Advisor for Financial Management):  

Type of Local Advisor: Co-opted

Date of Appointment: 

Register of interest: None declared.


Ann Pratt, Headteacher: became Head of PHJS in September 2018.

Type of Local Advisor: Staff Advisor - Head Teacher

Date of Appointment: 01/09/2018

Register of interest: None declared


Jen Turner (Staff Advisor):joined Park Hill Junior School as an NQT in 2012 and has progressed throughout her years at the school to now being Year 3 and 4 Year Group Leader and Curriculum Lead.  She is a passionate teacher with 4 years of Leadership experience and is looking forward to helping improve the school further by being a member of the LAB.  

Type of Local Advisor: Staff Advisor - Teaching

Date of Appointment: 01/10/2019

Register of interest: None declared

Vacant Post: (Non-Teaching Staff Advisor):

Type of Local Advisor: Staff Advisor - Non-Teaching

Date of Appointment: 

Register of interest: 

Folio Education Trust Governance

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Previous LAB Members/Governors

Governors/Local Advisors who have recently stepped down:

Debbie Chase - 23/01/19 -

Teresa Dempsey - 01/10/15 - Sept 2019

Kieron Stewart - 14/11/2017 - 20/03/2019

Guy Pengelly - 16/12/2018 - 20/03/2019

Cathy Daniels - 01/09/2013 - 18/07/2018

Carol Tompson - 18/09/13 - 18/07/2018

Renata Rajca - 01/12/15 - 12/01/2018

Amatare Oki - 09/05/16 - 14/11/2017

Noel Rands - 18/09/13 - 13/10/2017

Vinoo John - 18/09/13 - 11/10/2017 (Member of the Board of  Trustees of the Folio Education Trust)