Geography at Park Hill Junior School

Our Vision


At Park Hill we understand that Geography is the key for our future and how the deepening understanding of the subject knowledge can have an immense impact on our children’s future.  Hence we have introduced- Threshold concepts, which  are the key concepts covered in our curriculum consistently across all the Year groups. These include Location (HOTCLUB and map reading ), Physical Geography (Physical processes, landscape, flora and fauna) , Human Geography ( man made structures, diversity, cultures, relationship to the environment)  and comparisons (to other locations). Children are taught to develop their research skills and gather different geographical facts for specific countries including HOTCLUB (Hemisphere, Other countries, Time zone, Climate, latitude and longitude, Us and Bodies of water).

Children are consistently encouraged to read, research, use geographical vocabulary and provided with  various resources like knowledge organisers, four point compasses, maps and atlases to develop their skills. To get children excited and curious about their Geography learning, we create opportunities for them to share their knowledge in a debate or quizzes. Teachers plan cross curriculum lessons involving Geography, DT, English and Art providing children an opportunity to research and understand various aspects of a concept or country and its influence on the future. 

Our Curriculum

Geography Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3 India


Climate Change

UK countries & 

main cities

Year 4


Modern Egypt



Year 5 India



Layers of Earth

Space, volcanoes

and earthquakes

Greece and Italy

Year 6 West Africa Environment WW2 countries


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