Aspirational Readers & Writing Laureates

Each half term teachers will select a child from their class who has proven to be an aspirational reader.  The children will be awarded with a special tie to wear for the half term and also a badge for them to keep permanently.

Adults around the school will be looking for these qualities in their Aspirational Readers:

  • Engaging with a range of books
  • Aiming to meet their targets on Accelerated Reader
  • Achieving well in their Accelerated Reader quizzes
  • Being caught reading without instruction (at appropriate times)
  • Choosing their books sensibly (challenging themselves)
  • Showing improvement in their reading skills
  • Being enthusiastic during our Guided Reading sessions
  • Recommending books to others

Each half term a Writing Laureate will also be chosen by their class teachers.  Writing Laureates will display the following qualities:

  • Aiming to meet their writing targets
  • Being enthusiastic during writing tasks (not just in English lessons)
  • Positive role models to others with their writing
  • Working to their full potential in writing.

Aspirational Readers

Autumn 1 2019

3I Raquel

3M Joshua

3P Renisa

4DT Carl

4G Mika'll

4K Rhia

5A Zoe

5F Isabella

5H Riddhi

6E Alberto

6G Aania

6M Sachith

Writing Laureates

Autumn 1 2019

3I Rufus

3M Aman

3P Sahana

4DT Tanya

4G Leena

4K Ayushi

5A Zoe

5F Shradha

5H Dhruv

6E Haresh

6G Ved

6M Isaak