Children who are nominated for a merit by their teacher will have achieved something special. They will have their name read out in a weekly assembly by Mrs Moorhouse, during which we will also listen to the reason for their nomination.

Often their work may be shown to all pupils in the school.

We believe that pupils produce truly outstanding work at PHJS and this must be shared with everyone involved in the school.

The merits will be typed up here AND shared in the Merit Book, which as usual will be available in the Foyer.

21st March 2018


Gianvito.  For being aspirational and working hard to improve his work across all subjects, especially English.  It has been wonderful to see, keep it up! Miss Emery.

Muhammed.  For using his own knowledge to help others when learning about clauses and commas.  Well done!  Miss Emery.


Siddard.  For trying his best within all subjects across the curriculum and developing resilience, particularly within English.  Miss Filiga.

Shradha and Nivedya.  For always demonstrating perfect behaviour within 3F.  You are wonderful role models – it does not go unnoticed.  Miss Filiga.

Tanmay.  For helping others who find some concepts in class tricky.  You are always willing to lend a hand.  Miss Filiga.


Niyati and Aleks.  For producing excellent work in English and Maths and for setting a good example to the rest of the class.  Ms Georgieva.


Misha.  For being a wonderful role model to the class.  Miss Turner.

Sarah and Ricky.  For aiming to complete a tricky maths question and succeeding.  It was great to see them persisting.  Miss Turner.



Ayaana and Amore.  Very enjoyable performances of a play in English and giving constructive feedback to other actors.  Miss Whitlock.

Tyra.  For never giving up during maths interventions and being determined to find the right answer.  Mrs Sahai.


Romeo, Himang and Isaak.  For outstanding effort in the mini layscripts.  All three of these children were aspirational in achieving their goals to perform in front of others.  Miss Waxer.


Anvesha.  For not giving up when trying to solve tricky number investigations.  Miss Ali.


Jessica.  She showed fantastic problem solving skills in maths today.  She showed adaptable behaviour when using trial and error to find the solution.  Mrs Iwin.

Vyansh.  Who showed a great interest in the writing task for free writing. He was able to use figurative language to describe the setting from a picture.  Mrs Iwin.


Shubham.  For making a much greater effort to contribute in class discussions with insightful comments and ideas.  It is wonderful to see your confidence growing.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Nathaniel.  For making a much greater effort to participate in activities, really thinking about putting your ideas into sentences before sharing.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Avantikaa and Harini.  Both girls have made lots of effort to become more communicative learners.  They now share their ideas regularly with the rest of the class.  Keep it up.  Mr Hassouna.


Sambodhi, Jindal and Gabbie.  These girls produced exceptional pieces of descriptive writing based on the ending of Spirit Walker.  Neither Mr Lindsey or myself wanted their stories to end!  Well done J  Miss Riordan.


Adhethya and Jakub.  For always being kind and being a good friend to their classmates.  Wonderful role models for the class.  Miss Walton.

Ashante and Isabella.  For being resilient and trying very hard in all of their lessons.  They are always striving to be the best that they can be.  Miss Walton.



7th March 2018


Ranyah.  For recognising what to do next in order to be more successful when completing her work during Art lessons.  Miss Georgieva.

Tanishka.  For always sharing her ideas with others and for actively participating during Dot Com lessons.  Miss Georgieva.


Ved.  Ved has been very respectful to a range of children in class and has been able to identify and praise others who have been respectful.  This has led to improvements in his work particularly his recent English work.  Miss Turner.


Plamena.  Plamena showed kindness during art day by helping her classmates and produced excellent prints.  Miss Whitlock.

Tuanna.  Tuanna tried very hard during art yesterday and produced a very good sketch of a nature pattern.  Miss Whitlock.


Lexi-Lu.  For being rigorous in her maths interventions.  She is a fantastic role model for the group.  Miss Waxer.

Michelle.  For a very powerful argument for and against Urban Sprawl.  Miss Waxer.


Layla and Liliana.  For being resilient and reflective when using Styrofoam printing.  They both thought of creative ways to improve their work without giving up.  Well done!  Miss Ali.


Diya and Edeline.  These girls constantly reflect on their learning in every lesson.  Whenever they get an opportunity to grow and deepen their learning, they don’t see it as a setback.  Excellent role model behaviour.  Mrs Iwin.


Ionut.  Has been working with great rigor these past few weeks, to improve his writing in English.  Both Miss J-G and Mrs Martinez are very impressed.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Nathaniel.  For working really hard to be more independent and make his own suggestions as to improve is work.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Disaya and Rhianne.  They have shown great leadership skills during ‘Be the best you can be’ sessions.  They have approached every task in a positive way and have been resilient when faced with difficult challenges.  Mr Hassouna.


Attia.  Attia has displayed a rigorous attitude in maths so far this week and as a result, can confidently complete long division calculations. Well done J  Miss Riordan.

Abdi.  Abdi showed resilience during art day when he wasn’t happy with his work.  Perseverance paid off and the final result of a Benin obas mask was great!  Miss Riordan.


Nethdri, Oumou, Sara, Omar, Jakub and Zuhayr.  For being resilient and always doing the right thing.  They try to ensure that they are focusing on their learning even when other members of the class are being distracting.  These other members of the class should look to these children as role models and follow their excellent example.  Miss Walton.

Merit from Mrs Cooper

Sambodhi and Poppy.  For excellence in public speaking at the loud and proud public speaking competition on Friday 2nd March.


28th February 2018


Aditi.  Aditi worked hard to complete her work, with support.  She focused well to make sure that it was also accurate.  Well done, keep it up!  Miss Emery.


Olayiwola.  For being able to communicate things he is finding hard and find solutions to problems.  Miss Filiga.

Maryam.  or fantastic listening skills and being an overall good role model for 3F.  Miss Filiga.


Ava.  For actively participating in all maths lessons and for never giving up when solving difficult word problems.  Ms Georgieva.

Aleks.  For always recognising what he needs to do next, in order to be more successful.  Ms Georgieva.


Jeneva.  For writing a super argument in English about changing the landscape.  Miss Turner.


Mariya.  For working hard to improve her writing and including very good ideas.  Miss Whitlock and Mrs Sahai.


Prishaa and Caitlin.  For working extra hard in maths to understand tricky problems.  Miss Waxer.


Zara.  For her consistently kind and respectful behaviour.  Zara is always willing to help others around her without any hesitation.  Miss Ali.

Maya.  For her reflective attitude when writing a descriptive narrative of a short film.  Her use of emotive language left our class wanting to read more.  Miss Ali.


Ayesha and Amaya.  Who have both improved in their writing this week and constantly checking for mistakes.  They wrote a fantastic letter as a Spartan child.  Keep up the aspirational behaviour.  Mrs Iwin.


Nishika.  For her mythical story that was filled with detail and exciting moments throughout.  I was so impressed and hated when it came to an end.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

O’Shane.  He has the wonderful ability to pick himself up, despite finding some aspects of his learning a challenge, persevering until he has a good understanding.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Deborah.  Consistently shows outstanding effort in every intervention.  Keep it up 🙂  Mrs Chadda.


21st February 2018


Raina and Henry.  For contributing valuable and factual information to our science discussions about the human body.  Miss Filiga.



Pia.  Working very hard, challenging herself to the next step when working – aiming high with great positive attitude to achieve target/goal set in class.  Will ask questions if she doesn’t understand the method being taught and will give it a go, changing her approach to achieve potential.  Miss Mirza.

Muhammed.  For actively participating during maths lessons and for always asking sensible questions in the hope of finding relevant answers. Ms Georgeva.



Jessica.  For great improvement in her swimming lessons.  Miss Turner.



Millee.  Showed resilience yesterday when working on a difficult maths activity.  She kept trying and managed to find all the possible solutions.  Miss Whitlock.



Kevin.  His persistence has enabled him to work hard and complete challenging activities.  Miss Waxer.



Safiya.  For answering more questions and having more confidence in class.  Keep it up please! Well done.  Mrs O’Regan.

Maya.  For being resilient despite finding it difficult to multiply large numbers.  She stayed focused and positive which led her to answer even more questions.  Miss Ali.

Nisha.  Nisha is usually a quiet thoughtful member of our class, but she has tried hard this week to engage in class discussions confidently.  Well done!  Miss Ali.



Teddy and JonathanFor showing excellent communicative behaviour in their science activity.  They tried getting everyone to work together as a team and came up with fantastic science questions.  Well done.  Mrs Iwin.



Turie-Naii.  Excellent and high level answers and participation in all lessons.  You are a fantastic model for your class.  Miss Jennings-Grant.



James.  Has been working really hard to improve the quality of his writing.  He has edited his work carefully and thought about what he needs to do to make his work even better.  Mr Hassouna.

Thurayya.  Is a very respectful member of 6H.  She always shows consideration for others and is very polite.  Mr Hassouna.



Raadhikaa.  A great improvement in her punctuality to school.  Keep it up!  Miss Riordan.

Danny.  Consistently displays an aspirational attitude to his learning, particularly in his writing, which as a result has improved greatly.  Miss Riordan.


7th February 2018


Vivaan.  For demonstrating fantastic leadership when helping classmates in topic and P.E. lessons and doing so in a very kind way.  It was great to see, well done!  Miss Emery.


Shradha.  Shradha always looks for ways to improve her work and to be the best she can be (which is already really good).  Ms Dempsey.

Santhana.  For working rigorously within maths this week and contributing to classroom discussions about fractions.  Her knowledge has helped others in the class learn tricky concepts.  Miss Filiga

Zane.  For changing his mind set within class and having a can do attitude towards all subjects, this has led to Zane becoming resilient.  Especially within English.  Keep up your positivity!  Miss Filiga.

Nivedya.  Nivedeya is always attentive when her classmates have something to say.  She helps people in a gentle, caring way.  Ms Dempsey.


Venkat.  For being eager to investigate different ideas when approaching new learning questions.  Miss Georgieva.

Esabelle.  For not being afraid of attending more challenging questions in maths.  Miss Georgieva.


Nicolas.  Has been aspirational with his writing over the past few weeks he has been creating great ideas and pieces of writing.  Particularly his diary entry.  Miss Turner.


Morton.  Great participation in the Wisley trip this week especially resilience in the scavenger hunt and answering questions about rainforests.  Ms Mazowe.


Denis.  Has worked hard this week to learn the bus stop method to divide.  Despite finding it tricky at first, Denis persisted and succeeded today.  Miss Waxer.


Akrutu.  For always pushing herself further and being rigorous when editing her work.  She is a fantastic role model for her class!  Miss Ali.

Ryan.  For building up his resilience when contributing in class discussions.  Miss Ali.


Harman.  He was able to research really well on a specific animal and explain each stage of its life cycle in detail.  Great communicative behaviour shown.  Mrs Iwin.

Yug.  He was able to challenge himself and justify his reasoning through the use of formula, to represent his mathematical thinking.  Keep it up.  Mrs Iwin.


Barbara.  For settling in so well into 5JG and PHJS.  She has shown a very kind and respectful attitude and in turn has made some good friends.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Jessica.  Has been amazing this week in supporting and teaching her maths partner in place value.  Her excellent communicative skills helped him to understand the problem.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Konstandinos.  He has worked hard to become a more reflective learner this term.  He is now able to identify what he needs to do to improve his writing.  Mr Hassouna.


Vivi.  She effectively communicated her ideas to others whilst finding patterns in sequences.  Miss Riordan.


Jakub and Gayathri.  Are always respectful and kind.  They never let other childrens’ behaviour influence theirs – they always just focus on doing the right thing.  Miss Walton.

Sara and Jamie.  Excellent communicative authors when writing their stories based on Wolf Brother since they narrated their entire stories in such an emotive way.  They are also excellent editing partners, who give constructive, kind and helpful advice.  Miss Walton.

Sadhana, Arharva and Omar.  These children are excellent communicators and they are aspirational since they strive to be expert on the work that we are doing.  They are then extremely happy to share their expertise with others to help them understand and achieve.  Miss Walton.

Year 6 Hi 5 Netballers.

Oumou 6W, Poppy 6W, Rowen 6R, Riya 6R, Michelle 6R, Phoebe 6H, Thurayya 6H.  For being fantastic ambassadors for the school at the Hi 5 tournament last week.  They not only played really well but were respectful to everyone, even when other schools were not.  Well done!  Miss Emery!


31st January 2018


Karolina.  For her kind, respectful attitude.  She always helps others and is a great role model to the class.  Well done!  Miss Emery.


Aarav.  Aarav showed good problem solving skills during the maths lesson based on perimeter.  Ms Georgieva.

Xaviera.  For doing her best to achieve her goals in maths.  Ms Georgieva.


Vivien.  Changing mind set and achieving/reaching her goals.  She has made a great improvement in all of her times tables achieving full marks in the basic skills test.  Miss Mirza.


Adam.  Has been working really hard on his homework and has produced an amazing model for the amazon rainforest.  Miss Turner.


Corin.  Showed very helpful behaviour in maths lessons by sharing ideas to help classmates to measure angles.  Miss Whitlock/Ms Mazowe.


Denis and Aarav.  Both Aarav and Denis have been very inquisitive during our recent maths lessons.  Miss Waxer and Mrs Kataruka.


Emily.  For her thoughtful contributions to class discussions. She is always engaged and ready to share her ideas.  Well done! J  Miss Ali.

Kegan.  For his consistently high standard of work this week.  Kegan has tried his best to stay on task by managing his distractions well.  Keep it up!  Miss Ali.


Divij and Pranit.  Who have both showed that they want to try their best in everything they do.  Especially this week when they were completing their newspaper report.  Great attitude boys.  Mrs Iwin.


Gabbie.  Gabbie has worked hard and reflected on her attitude to learning and has changed the way she looks at challenges at school and is now more positive.  Miss Riordan.

Aditya.  Aditiya is trying much harder in his writing by adding a great level of detail and punctuation.  Keep it up. J  Miss Riordan.


Manuel and Parth.  They always show a rigorous approach to their learning.  They work hard in every lesson to produce the best work they can.  They have set an example to the rest of the class.  Mr Hassouna.


24th January 2018


Agustin.  For being resourceful when learning English.  He is making good progress this term and working rigorously with Ms Mirza to improve.  Well done!  Miss Emery.


Zoe.  For settling in well at Park Hill.  Miss Filiga.

Nivedya and Shradha.  For showing resilience in a tricky mathematical investigation, and using a systematic approach accurately.  Miss Filiga.


Mark.  Marky has worked really hard this term to improve his attendance and punctuality.  An impressive turnaround!  Keep it up Marky!  Mrs Moorhouse.


Sulaiman.  Has shown great improvement in class.  He has been reflective about his behaviour and learning and has impressed both Miss Turner and Miss Penn a lot.  Keep it up Sulaiman.  Miss Turner.


Tyra.  Producing a detailed piece of homework on rainforests and also creating a crossword puzzle.  Ms Mazowe


Grace.  For working hard to understand the maths and not giving up.  Miss Waxer.


Vaibhav.  For being communicative when answering 5A’s tricky questions whilst reading ‘Odysseus’.  Miss Ali.

Arush.  Arush is always resilient – he does not get upset when he has made a mistake, instead he sees it as a chance to learn.  What a fabulous attitude to have! Miss Ali.

Adhrit.  Adhrit used his enquiring skills to confidently explain patterns when looking at prime and squared numbers.  Miss Ali.


Daania.  It is so impressive when a child can forgive another when they have been hurt.  Daania showed her kind and forgiving nature in a letter she wrote following an incident with a friend.  Mrs Daniels.

Charlie and Ryen.  Well done showing fantastic behaviour this week.  You both were aiming high in all your lessons and tried to achieve your best.  Mrs Iwin.


Shohib.  For working so hard this past week to overcome challenges and answer some difficult questions.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Rhianne.  Has shown real improvement in her attitude towards her learning.  She has become a more rigorous learner and now works harder to produce excellent work.  Mr Hassouna.

Elijah.  For being a respectful member of 6H.  He always listens to others and is polite to everyone in the class.  Mr Hassouna.


Esha.  Esha consistently displays a reflective attitude in every lesson and as a result, produces high quality work daily 🙂   Miss Riordan.


17th January 2018


Taja’e.  For being respectful towards adults and children, also his rigorous attitude towards his work.  Miss Emery.

Cem.  For showing resilience towards his learning and modelling this to others.  Miss Emery.


Brandon. For displaying resilience throughout maths this week, particularly within challenging addition problems.  Miss Filiga.

Sanmay.  For always being respectful towards his peers and teachers.  You are a fantastic role model to 3F.  Keep up your hard work.  Miss Filiga.


Ethan.  Has had a fantastic start to the new year.  He is rigorous in his class work and kind towards adults and children in the school.  Miss Georgieva.

Pia.  For working hard during each lesson and doing her best to achieve her targets.  Miss Georgieva.


Carla.  Carla is consistently respectful and listens to all adults to help her with her learning.  Miss Turner.


Luca.  Using the resources that are displayed around the classroom to help him solve mathematical problems.  Ms Mazowe.


Varshithaa.  A resilient approach to outdoor learning.  Participated actively in the lesson despite of downpours of rain.  Miss Waxer.


Eleanor.  For showing excellent communicative learning in topic, she was really confident in sharing her arguments in our debate, also for showing rigorous behaviour when learning short division.  Mrs Iwin.

Danhi.  For his fantastic improvement in his behaviour, always coming to school with a positive attitude and aiming to be the best he can be.  Keep this up.  Well done.  Mrs Iwin.


Eshan and Arnesh.  For trying really hard to be attentive and focused learners.  It has really helped to answer some quite challenging questions this week.  Well done.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Taylor and Raagav.  For being rigorous when writing a story in the role of Torak.  They edited their work carefully and worked really hard to produce fantastic stories – keep up the hard work.  Mr Hassouna.


Joshua.  Joshua has reflected on his attitude towards his learning and has greatly improved his effort, presentation and the quality of his work.  Keep it up.  Miss Riordan.

Shrijan.  Shrijan displayed a very rigorous attitude, producing an outstanding piece of descriptive writing using a great combination of figurative and emotive language.  Miss Riordan.

6th December 2017


 Raoul.  For his kind respectful manner.  He is polite and always gets on with his work.  He’s a great example to the rest of the class.  Miss Emery.

Patryk.  Has worked very hard to improve his focus in lessons.  Well done, keep it up! Miss Emery.


Joseph.  For not only being kind and respectful towards his group but also demonstrating the 3 C’s.  Keep up your wonderful behaviour, it does not go unnoticed.  Mrs Filiga.

Aayah.  For her leadership within our Spanish dancing demonstrating beautiful rhythm and beat throughout.  Miss Filiga.


Olivia.  For being kind and respectful towards peers and adults.  For learning her spellings well and making very good progress in maths.  Ms Georgieva.

Sammy.  Doing so well at learning his times tables!  Works well and really hard in class.  Well done!  Miss Mirza.


Dinadee.  Has shown great resilience to memorise and rehearse her lines for the Christmas play.  Mr Gibbons.

Aania.  Always displays a positive attitude towards singing rehearsals.  It’s nice to see someone enjoy singing so much!  Mr Gibbons.

Nicholas.  For working quietly and conscientiously in class – he has shown that he is making great academic progress.  Mr Gibbons.


Harish.  For effectively applying his mathematical knowledge to solve problems in maths.  Ms Mazowe.


Varshithaa and Sara.  Both these girls have worked so hard on learning all the words for the Christmas show.  Setting an example for the rest of their class.  Miss Waxer.


Rohan.  For his rigorous approach to mathematical problem solving which helped him to work systematically to get to answers.  Miss Ali.

Elroye.  For writing a persuasive letter explaining why he should be an elf and reading it aloud with great confidence.  Miss Ali.


Hisham and Manas.  Well done to these boys for participating in a really good science lesson this week.  Not only do they both know how to use scientific vocabulary but they are willing to help the rest of the class to achieve well.  Mrs Iwin.


Eliza.  For working hard to complete your maths assessment to the best of your ability and for showing eagerness to make improvements afterwards.  Mr McCabe and Miss Jennings-Grant.

Jahnvi.  For adopting a systematic approach towards the teacup investigation, showing great rigor.  Mr McCabe and Miss Jennings-Grant.


Disaya and Athar.  For consistently showing a rigorous attitude when writing a diary entry based on Home Alone.  Their diaries were full of emotive language and they stepped into the shoes of the character.  Mr Hassouna.


Riya and Srithan.  Have been aspirational throughout all singing/acting rehearsals.  They have learnt their words confidently and put 100% into the show!  Well done! Miss Riordan.


29th November 2017


Ibrahim.  For being kind when his friend was hurt in the playground, making sure he got the help that his friend needed and then stayed with him.  Miss Emery.

Pranav.  For his fantastic diary entry, written as a fictional character based on Leon’s adventure.  He was reflective and resourceful.  Miss Emery.



Helin.  For working hard and not giving up.  For a brilliant learning attitude.  Ms Georgieva.

Marky.  For working extremely hard during maths lessons and doing his best to achieve his goals.  Ms Georgieva.



Jessica.  Has shown both kindness and resilience helping a class mate to focus on their learning.  Mr Gibbons.

Malachi.  Has demonstrated his talent for drawing when producing his piece of art – Roald Dahls Mr Fox.  Mr Gibbons.

Taran.  Has demonstrated excellent knowledge of fractions and shows determination to complete all of the additional extension activities given to him.  Mr Gibbons.

Meennakshi.  Has demonstrated excellent learning behaviour in science lessons and has impressed with her knowledge of the human body.  Meenakshi hopes to become a Doctor.  Mr Gibbons.

Eliza.  For sharing fantastic knowledge during our trip to the synagogue.  Miss Turner.



Khadija.  Helping others with the Christmas decorations and tidying up afterwards.  Ms Mazowe.



Cameryn.  Has worked very hard to become a more resilient learner.  He now embraces new challenges and face them with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.  Miss Ali.


TJ - For his behaviour this week. He has set a good example in 5I and has modelled role model behaviour.  Well done.  Mrs Iwin.


Pranav.  He is always polite to other children and adults around school.  He sets an example to others.  Keep it up!  Mr Hassouna.



Fawaz.  For writing a fantastic diary entry in the character of Kevin from Home Alone.  He really stepped into character and understood using an informal style of writing.  Miss Riordan.

Anjali.  Has reflected on her work since joining in September and learnt from her mistakes.  As a result, she has made fantastic progress in all her subjects. Well done!  Miss Riordan.

Lucas.  Displayed a rigorous attitude whilst taking part in fitness circuits.  He pushed himself as hard as he could in every part and was a role model to the rest of the class.  Miss Riordan.

Obade.  Shared her ideas about the Highwayman clearly with the class using evidence in the poem to deduce further thought.  Well done!  Miss Riordan.

15th November 2017


Adiah.  For showing good problem solving skills during maths lessons.  Miss Georgieva.

Dhruv.  Always aiming high and doing his best in each lesson.  Miss Georgieva.


Arber and Yugi.  Working really hard in understanding and solving fractions.  Ms Mazowe.

Natalia.  Has been supportive and helpful to a classmate who has had a difficult week.  The whole of 4M would like to say “Thank you for being a good friend.”  Ms Mazowe.


Ari.  For always being inquisitive and asking questions that help extend not only his learning but also his peers.  Well done.  Miss Ali.

Layla.  For continuously producing homework of a high quality.  Keep it up!  Miss Ali



Esa and Adrita.  Who have both showed aspirational behaviour this week.  They worked really hard editing and re-drafting their news scripts.  Keep aiming high.  Mrs Iwin.


Jason.  For being kind and helping others to sort out disagreements at playtimes in a mature and sensible way.  Miss Walton.

Jamie.  For always striving to be the best that he can be and for sharing his expertise with others kindly.  Miss Walton.

1st November 2017


Chloe.  For her polite and respectful attitude towards others.  Miss Emery.

Atreyee.  For being kind helping others with their work, especially in maths.  Miss Emery.

Owen. For being polite using please/thank you. And for working well with others in a group.  Miss Emery.

Rachel.  For her fantastic work on fractions, being very resourceful.  Miss Emery.


Ryan.  Ryan has settled in well, participates in all the activities and displays kind and respectful behaviours towards his friends and adults.  Miss Waxer.


Nevaeh, Na’kiah and Poppie.  For being reflective when creating their sea shanty’s that were filled with great vocabulary.   Miss Ali.


Pranit and Daania.  Who has shown excellent aspirational behaviour in class.  They were able to challenge themselves and achieve to the best off their ability.  Keep it up.  Mrs Iwin.


Nishika and Diya.  For always displaying kind and respectful behaviour, showing themselves to be great role models for the rest of the class.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Zuhayr.  Zuhayr has shown that he is always kind and respectful.  He demonstrates excellent behaviour at all times and he is always sensible and mature both in lessons and in the playground.  Miss Walton.

Kaushal.  Kaushal has been both kind and aspirational.  He seeks to achieve highly in lessons and not only this, he helps others to achieve highly in lessons too.  Miss Walton.


Amara.  Amara continued to work hard in maths this week, despite finding the area of shapes tricky.  This perseverance allowed Amara to crack solving tricky ‘area of a triangle’ questions.  Well done J  Miss Riordan.


Aidan and Lavanya.  They always share their ideas with others and make regular contributions to class discussions.  Mr Hassouna.

11th October 2017


Jenson.  For always being respectful and kind to adults and children.  Miss Emery.

Neil.  For being respectful and his aspirational attitude towards his learning.  Miss Emery.


Kyra.  For being a role model in class and always being attentive in lessons.  Miss Waxer.


Rinor.  For being an excellent role model and working well with everyone in the class.  Ms Georgieva.

Isobel.  Listening, working well in class.  Being a good friend in the playground.  Miss Mirza.

Abhishek.  For being aspirational and setting an excellent example to the rest of the class by encouraging others.  Ms Georgieva.

Sara.  For being kind and respectful towards everyone.  She has always displayed a positive attitude in her learning.  Ms Georgieva.


Sarah.  Sarah demonstrated resilience and determination to help her team create a working shaduf made almost entirely out of straws.  Mr Gibbons.

Gabriel.  Fantastic sarcophagus made as part of a homework project.  Explained how it was made to the rest of the class.  Mr Gibbons.

Agrima.  Produced a beautifully written invitation to Mr Fox’s feast.  Made improvements during the editing process then wrote-up in neat.  Lovely decoration!  Mr Gibbons.

Ved.  Made excellent preparations for D.T. day.  Came prepared with all the necessary equipment and materials to make a working Shaduf.  Mr Gibbons.


Tyra.  For trying really hard to learn telling the time and even helping her peers once she became confident.  Ms Mazowe.


Vihaan.  Fantastic display of behaviour and great effort in making a Shaduf.  Miss Waxer.


Rohita.  For always being respectful in and out of class.  She is a fantastic role model for 5A.  Keep it up.  Miss Ali.

Karen.  For using her inquiring skills to ask informative questions when gathering facts about natural disasters.  Well Done.  Miss Ali.


Diya and Manas.  For their fantastic problem solving skills during DT day and showing communicative behaviour.  Mrs Iwin.


Sesha.  Sesha consistently displays his best behaviour and aspires to be the best he can be in everything he does.  He is a pleasure to teach! J Miss Riordan.

Rowen.  Rowen discussed her ideas in a science experiment with the class effectively and as a result, produced an amazingly detailed experiment write up.  She also helped other children who were stuck.  Well done J Miss Riordan.


Finn and Emile.  Both Finn and Emile displayed brilliant resilience at swimming last week by conquering their fears and supporting each other as well.  Well done! J Miss Riordan and Mrs Chadda.

27th September 2017


Arda and Shanayah.  For being respectful and kind to adults and their classmates, they are fantastic role models.  Miss Emery.


Mariam.  Mariam is kind, polite and tries her best in every subject.  It’s her last week at this school but she has impressed me in so many areas.  She has a great future ahead of her!  Mr Gibbons.

Adam.  Adam has produced a fantastic pyramid as part of his homework about ancient Egypt.  Clearly he has spent a lot of time on it and the result is something to be proud of forever!  Mr Gibbons.


Adam.  For carefully listening to instructions and producing an interesting and organised piece of writing.  Ms Mazowe.


Daya.  Daya has been an aspirational member of 4W.  Daya is always willing to help others understand and is always trying to be the best she can be.  She is a real example of how great Park Hill is! Miss Waxer.


Safiya and Na’kiah.  For being reflective when thinking of powerful words to describe their spook story settings.  Miss Ali.


Blossom was made aware of a new child in year 5 who was found alone in the playground during lunchtime.  She took him up to the field where other year 5 children were playing football, he happily played football for the rest of lunchtime and happily made new friends.  Mrs Nathan.


Amanda.  Who tried her best in Maths this week.  She was struggling with a method and she went back and practiced until she was confident.  Well done being a resilient learner.  Mrs Iwin.


Atul.  For displaying such aspirational behaviour and reaching his potential in English this week.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Smriti.  For editing and reflecting so thoroughly to create a very emotive ode.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Eliza.  For showing great resilience to gain a better understanding with place value.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Koshitha and Phoebe.  They have shown that they are rigorous by producing outstanding pieces of homework.  They have set an example to the rest of the class.  Keep it up!  Mr Hassouna.


Sambidhi.  Sambodhi has made a real effort to improve her handwriting and presentation and now recognises the importance of her work not only sounding beautiful, but also looking beautiful too!  Keep it up J  Miss Riordan.


Barnaby.  Barnaby wasn’t here yesterday and listened carefully to Janani’s explanation so that he could join in with today’s work.  Miss Walton.

Jaliza.  For being resilient and very kind as she settles into life at PHJS.  She’s made an excellent effort with all aspects of school life and it’s like she has always been here Miss Walton.

Merits from Mr McCabe.

Ben 3E and Ashante 6W.  Making an excellent start to the Maths buddy system.

Jessica 4G and Manuel 6H.  For showing a fantastic attitude to their Maths learning with Mr McCabe.

20th September 2017


Riddhi.  For being resilient in his learning but also how he has approached starting a new school.  Miss Emery.


Tanmay and Charlie.  For showing brilliant resilience within all subjects across the curriculum, great role models for 3F.  Miss Filiga.


Joana and Markus.  For being resilient and aspirational throughout the week.  Ms Georgieva.


Asmi.  For working hard to learn her 6 and 9 times tables.  Ms Mazowe.


Romeo.  Working hard this week in the class and persevering through many challenges.  Miss Waxer and Mrs Kataruka.


Danhi and Zahra.  For their fantastic effort in English this week.  They were able to use figurative language when writing their Ode’s.  Keep up the good work.  Mrs Iwin.


Jahnvi.  An excellent start to year 5, displaying exceptional resilience in English in particular.  Miss Jennings-Grant.


Giovani and Deborah.  They worked really hard to edit and improve the letters they wrote in English.  Mr Hassouna.


Srithan.  For showing exemplary behaviour all the time and consistently excellent attitude towards his learning.  Miss Riordan.

Asmit.  For improving the pace of his maths work and challenging himself.  Miss Riordan.


Nethdhri.  For being resilient during maths and persevering with a difficult task by trying a range of approaches.  Miss Walton.

Vanessa.  For persevering in maths and putting maximum effort into every lesson this week.  Miss Walton.

Merits 2016-2017

19th July 2017

 Madison, Mariam and Jessica.  For helping out around the class sensibly and behaving like a role model to all other children.  Miss Riordan.

Adhrit, Rohan and Tarun.  For persevering and working hard in our hurdles lessons.  Miss Walton.

Harshit.  For really turning things around with his reading record.  Now he gets a HP every week and became an aspirational reader.  Miss Walton.

Kegan.  For showing great kindness and compassion to his friends this week.  Miss Walton.

Vaibhav.  For always being so resourceful.  Miss Walton.

Vyansh, Divij, Amaya, Teddy and TJ.  For creating a fantastic maths board game which kept our class entertained.  Miss Ali.

Danhi and Charlie.  For their great sportsmanship and general enthusiasm on sports day.  Miss Ali.

Eliza, Sofia and Ujjaini.  Well done for putting in a lot of effort into your work this term.  Keep up the good work.  Ms Mazowe.

Janani and Isabella.  Asking lots of good questions in Dot.Com.  Mr McCabe.

28th June 2017

Grace.  For her fantastic effort and huge improvement in swimming today.  Well done, keep it up!  Miss Emery.


Vincente, Aditya, Nikol,Ayaana, Millie, Tejaska and Khadija.  All these children worked really hard to make their baby toy in IPC this afternoon.  They followed their plan and really thought about their product.  Miss Penn.


Plamena.  For working really hard in Maths recently which has paid off in her fantastic test results last week.  Miss Penn.


Romeo, Nikol, Lilly-May, Omar, Mariam and Dante.  Fantastic attitude to work during interventions, some amazing work produced.  Looking forward to more!J  Mrs O’Regan.


Dakshina and Aadya.  A real improvement in their writing and spotting more mistakes before handing their work in now!  Well done J  Miss Riordan.


Athar.  For always being kind and respectful to both teachers and friends.  Miss Ali.

Ryen.  For helping his table solve challenging maths questions with a mature confident attitude.  Miss Ali.


Smriti.  Using her artistic skills to create an eye catching symmetrical rangohi design in RE.  Miss Mazowe.


Na’Kiah and Neveah.  For having a positive attitude towards learning and persevering through difficult assessments.  Miss Walton.


Koshitha, Niranjan and Maria.  For always challenging themselves in Maths and justifying their answers.  Miss Peter.


Kaushal and Poppy.  For performing extremely well in their Reading Tests.  Mr McCabe.


Lucas and Gabriella.  For a big improvement in their reading papers! Keep working hard.  Miss Waxer.


May-Maya, Ridon, Isabella, Jonas, Olivia and Hibah.  These children have shown consistent excellence throughout our rehearsals this week, whether it be on the stage or singing, they have all been great role models to the rest of year 6, setting the bar high.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Miss Filiga, Miss Jennings-Grant and Mr Hassouna.

21st June 2017

Natalia.  Since joining PHJS she has worked really hard in every subject and settled into life at Park Hill really well.  Miss Penn.

Elgin.  For working really hard to improve his independent writing.  Keep it up! Miss Penn.

Meenakshi, Lakshmi, Gabriel, Dinadee and Madison.  For a fantastic effort recently in all maths lessons, helping them achieve superb maths test results. Miss Riordan.

Michelle.  For her fantastic homework on Pandas.  She clearly put a lot of work into it – well done!  Miss Emery.

Nayonika. For working hard to improve the amount of work she does and trying really hard to get to school on time.  Miss Emery.

Mritula.  Resourcefully created challenging maths reasoning questions that helped her peers prepare for the maths assessment this week.  Well done!  Ms Mazowe.

TJ and Yug.  For consistently working hard in maths to find solutions to challenging questions.  Miss Ali.

Maimunah.  For drawing an accurate map of the field complete with grid references.  Miss Ali.

Ryan.  For his excellent behaviour and help at Downe.  Miss Walton.

Rohita.  For settling in so well at Park Hill and engaging actively in her learning.  Miss Walton.

Shaan.  For persevering at Downe.  Even when he was scared or apprehensive about trying an activity, he pushed himself to have a go.  Miss Walton.

Ashanti.  For integrating herself successfully in to a new class.  Mr McCabe.

Pranav.  For always having a positive and hardworking attitude in school.  Mr McCabe.

All the Teachers who went to Belchamps would love to give every child a merit for their wonderful behaviour at Belchamps.  But unfortunately we can’t L These children really shone for their excellent behaviour, helpfulness towards adults, making new friends and trying new challenging activities. 

Janani, Amara, Thiru, Phoebe, Elijah, Jakub, Lucas, Rowen, Pranav, Athar, Asmit and Obade. 

Well done to all the year 5 children for a fantastic week.

Rebekah.  For always attacking her work with a great attitude and determination.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Mohammad.  For making such amazing progress in his writing.  He has listened and taken criticism well and his hard work has paid off.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Marc.  For producing a brilliant recount of our evacuation trip.  Miss Filiga.

Laila.  For persevering in our writing and producing a fantastic diary entry.  Miss Filiga.

7th June 2017


Dylan.  For working really hard to improve his attitude to learning, especially in English.  Miss Emery.

Varshithaa.  For her kind, helpful attitude towards everyone in the class.  Miss Emery.

Tajeska.  For always having high standards in her work.  Mrs Dempsey.

Khadija.  For always helping her teachers and classmates with a smile.  Mrs Dempsey.

Eliza.  For settling in very well at PHJS and making a real effort to follow our school rules.  Miss Riordan.

Dante.  For making massive progress with his reading.  We are all very proud so keep it up!  🙂  Miss Riordan.

Ari and Safia.   Were rigorous and aspirational in their approach to their election manifesto.  Miss Georgieva.

Blossom and Amanda.  For working hard and being respectful towards others.  Miss Georgieva.

Isabella and Vanessa.  For being aspirational and reflective learners, your work has shown drastic improvement!  Mr McCabe.

Pranav.  For showing resilience in a challenging computing lesson.  Mr McCabe.

Aryan and Maria.  For their fantastic participation during multicultural day and sharing amazing facts about different cultures.  Miss Peter.

Katherine.  For excellent road safety and listening to advice.  She was seen by a member of staff crossing the road in an exemplary fashion after Mrs Cooper had spoken to everyone in assembly about it.  Mrs Cooper.

Antonio.  For producing outstanding pieces of homework on a weekly basis.  Mr Hassouna.

Shane.  For great enthusiasm and participation throughout multicultural day.  Mr Hassouna.

Robbie.  For stepping out of his comfort zone during the multicultural day showing 6F how real dancing is done with Miss Jennings-Grant.  Miss Filiga.

Illias.  For his notable improvement in his writing.  In particular, a diary entry he wrote in the perspective of an evacuee.  Keep up all your hard work Illias, it has been noted.  Miss Filiga.

24th May 2017

Yugi.  For always being inquisitive and enthusiastic. Miss Penn.

Denis.  For settling into Park Hill so well.  Welcome! Miss Emery.

Raghav. For a fantastic biography on the artist Bridget Riley.  Keep it up! Miss Emery.

Meenakshi.  For being resilient on the trim trail.  Mrs Moorhouse.

Malachi and Shruthi.  For sketching a fantastic drawing of the Tate Modern!  Well done J  Miss Riordan.

Jessica.  For a much better effort with her attendance AND doing extra maths work at home every week.  Keep it all up J Miss Riordan.

Maheli and Esa.  For a lovely start to their Krindlekrax adventure stories.  Miss Ali.

Atul and Shubham.  For beautifully portraying Gerald the Giraffe in our Giraffe can’t dance choreography.  Well done.  Ms Mazowe.

Harshit and Maanik.  For putting in a lot of effort in their work as well as their behaviours.  Miss Walton.

Vanessa.  For being so confident during her presentation on British day.  Mr McCabe.

Jason.  For working so hard during maths and improving a lot.  Mr McCabe.

Niranjan, Koshitha and Giovani.  For their rigorous behaviour setting a good example to the rest of the class and being good role models.  Miss Peter.

Laksh.  For engaging and participating in British day with so much enthusiasm.  Miss Waxer.

Sayak.  Wrote a very emotive evacuation letter – Great detail.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Daniel.  Fantastic letter to his Mother about evacuation, you have progressed so much.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Ameenah.  Working hard to settle in to Park Hill life.  She works tremendously hard all the time.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

16th May 2017

Salah.  For working hard to improve the presentation of his math work.  Miss Emery.

Romeo.  His hard work and reflective attitude on tally charts and bar graphs this week.  Miss Emery.

Danhi.   For his hard work and determination to complete tasks.  please keep it up!  Miss Ali.

Pranit and Athan.  For always being reflective in maths when getting to their answers.  Miss Ali.

Thomas.  For being reflective and taking feedback into account to create a powerful description poem about the kinderkrax.  Ms Mazowe.

Liliana.  For having a positive attitude towards learning and being a role model for the class.  Miss Walton.

Srijan.  For persevering in all subjects and completing his work on time.  Miss Walton.

Mateusz.  For being aspirational and working well in his writing.  Miss Walton.

Atharva.  Being communicative, particularly when helping others in maths.  Mr McCabe.

Omar.  Making a big effort to improve his handwriting.  Mr McCabe.

Ja’Vanii.  Trying to concentrate more in lessons.  Mr McCabe.

Sesha and Aishwarya.  For showing excellent leadership skills in all subject areas, most recently in maths.  Miss Waxer.

Finn.  Starting Park Hill with a positive attitude and participating in all activities.  Miss Peter.

Parth.  For his fantastic skills in tag rugby.  Well done.  Miss Peter.

Thurraya, Sarah, Jay, Emile, Igor, Thiru, Athar, Luke and Hersh.  For fantastic pottery making during our Greek and Roman day.  From all the Teachers in year 5. 

10th May 2017

Grace.  For her hard work this week on chunking and her increased confidence – it is really showing, well done!  Miss Emery.

Aditi.  For her fantastic attitude in French, always tries hard to get the correct pronunciation and answers questions every week.  Miss Emery.

Tuanna.  She always produces outstanding homework.  Thank you for your hard work.  Miss Penn.

Yugi.  For showing willingness to answer questions and give it a go.  Miss Penn.

Habib and Sayed.  For a huge improvement in Maths both in class and interventions.  Keep it up J  Mrs O’Regan.

Misha, Adam, Gabriel, Meenakshi and James.  For an enormous improvement in their times tables results, resulting in much better work in their maths lessons! Keep going J  Miss Riordan.

Divij.  For his amazing batting skills in PE and overall great sportsmanship.  Miss Ali.

Harman.  For always willingly helping others in the classroom.  Miss Ali.

Vishal.  For writing a beautiful play script independently.  Ms Mazowe.

Harshit and Tarun.  For putting such excellent effort into their work this week.  They are being resilient and working very hard.  Keep it up.  Miss Walton and Miss Georgieva.

Emily and Nisha.  For making some fantastic language choices in their Krindlekrax poems that met the LI and SC extremely well.  Miss Walton and Miss Georgieva.

Thiru.  Improving his effort and concentration in lessons.  Keep up the good work.  Mr McCabe.

Sadhana. Resolving issues between her friends and supporting her classmates in their work.  Mr McCabe.

Abhineet and Thurayya.  For their fantastic motivational speeches, including both emotive words and repetition throughout.  Well done.  Miss Peter.

May Maya.  For her perseverance and self-belief during SATs this week – one more to go! Keep up your hard work.  Miss Filiga.

Kaizar.  For producing an outstanding fantasy story that leaves the reader wanting more!  Miss Filiga.

Kurt.  For improved behaviour and motivation throughout SATs this week.  Miss Filiga.

Sampreeth, Micah and Muhammad.  These boys tried ever so hard in their math revision, answering some very difficult questions.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Kathryn and Phoenix.  For dedicating additional time for revision, pushing themselves in reading and maths.  Mr Hassouna.

26th April 2017

Ameen and Kevin. For working hard on their maths work and using their times tables to find a fraction of a number. Miss Emery.

Aditya. For always giving his best effort in all his work. Miss Penn.

Ebin. For settling into life at Park Hill Junior school so sensibly. Miss Penn.

Aania. For working much harder on her behaviour and attitude to learning. What a transformation! Miss Riordan.

Filip. Helping other pupils learn different strategies of division. Ms Mazowe.

Manas. For his hard work and determination when solving challenging division investigations this week. Miss Ali.

Daania. For an excellent start to her diary entry. It was filled with interesting vocabulary and great rhetorical questions. Miss Ali.

Na’kiah. For excellent effort and improvement with her Toe-by-toe. Mrs Price.

Hisham. For taking a more mature attitude towards his reading and making sure to ask his peers questions that deepen their understanding of texts. You have come a long way. Miss Ali.

Giovani and Phoebe. For their excellent co-ordinate work and they grasped how to reflect without a mirror. Well done. Miss Peter.

Shrijan and Tarun. For showing a keen interest in all of the exhibits at the Horniman Museum yesterday. Both boys also displayed excellent behaviour. Miss Walton.

Jamie. Consistently setting a fine example to the class – he is always aspirational. Mr McCabe.

Mihika. She is resilient and rigorous and this approach to her learning has led to some fantastic maths results. Mr McCabe.

Thomas. For his excellent contribution during maths revision sessions. Miss Filiga.

Rhia and Tara. For dealing with issues in the playground with maturity using good communication skills. Miss Filiga.

Condelezza, Jaydene, Lucca and Ethan. For his determination and resilience within maths revision sessions. Mr Hassouna and Miss Filiga.

Atishaya. For making a big effort to not only improve his focus in class but also to contribute in discussions more. Miss Jennings-Grant.

Sayak. Is becoming a much more active member in class and is gaining confidence when it comes to new concepts and ideas. Miss Jennings-Grant.

19th April 2017

Romeo and Dante. For making amazing progress in reading and putting in fantastic effort. Mrs Pelling.

Michelle. Fantastic description of a scene. Miss Emery.

Caitlin. For great contributions in class discussions. Miss Emery.

Yugi. For settling into life at PHJS so well. Miss Penn.

Sulaiman. For consistently showing good learning behaviours and trying his best in all his work. Miss Penn.

Lakshmi. For putting lots of effort into her maths work and as a result, doing really well in her test. Miss Riordan.

Jermaine. Using excellent language to add interest to his writing. Miss Penn.

Mariya. For trying really hard to remember and use the speech rules in her writing. Miss Penn.

Prajnaa. For being a respectful friendly member of the class who is very supportive to others. Miss Emery.

Paarush. Fantastic effort in his maths test. Miss Riordan.

Kristof. Confidently showing and explaining his working out in maths. Ms Mazowe.

Haas. For beautifully using figurative language in his Wisley recount writing. Ms Mazowe.

Aryan. For engaging so well with all of the activities on offer to him at Wisley. Aryan asked great questions, and shared some excellent facts. Very well done! Mr Lindsey.

Phoebe. For her excellent work in Maths this week, as she has been resilient and never gave up with fractions. Miss Peter.

Pranav. For his excellent class discussion during science. Miss Peter.

Abdi and Hersh. For always being respectful during PE lessons. Both boys always show good sportsmanship. Miss Waxer.

Sara. Consistently setting a great example to the class. Mr McCabe.

Jakub. Always trying his best and being a great communicator. Mr McCabe.

Kaushal. Giving constructive criticism to help his classmates to improve. Mr McCabe.

Gayathri. Growing into a confident member of the class. Mr McCabe.

Sayak. For being very inquisitive this week. Constantly asking plus answering challenging questions. Miss Jennings-Grant.

Naomi, Rabani, Jyo and Rhia. For working well in a group during our English lesson. They ensured everybody was assigned a task and responsibilities were shared out equally among all 4 members. Other members of 6F have a lot to learn from you. Keep up all your hard work. Miss Filiga.

Vilislava. For settling into Park Hill beautifully. You are a great addition to 6F. Miss Filiga

Tara. For showing empathy towards others and going over and beyond expectations to ensure members of 6F are always happy. Miss Filiga.

1st March 2017

Lilly-Mae.  For working really hard with her addition.  Miss Penn.

Elgin. For focusing well on his maths work.  Miss Penn.

Lois.  For settling really well into 3E and being involved in class discussions from the start.  Miss Emery.

Sara and Sachith.  For fantastic work on time including digital to the nearest minute and helping others with their maths work too.  Miss Emery.

Dante Mathews.  Fantastic effort during swimming lessons.  Miss Riordan.

Kieran Wilson.  An improvement in his independent learning!  Miss Riordan.

Ricky Rao.  A fantastic piece of writing using speech marks and outstanding vocabulary.  Miss Riordan.

Diya.  Using her comprehension skills to complete challenging reasoning and problem solving questions in maths.  Miss Mazowe.

King Matan.  For working hard on his attitude to learning and behaviour in class.  I am seeing a real turning point.  Well done King Matan. Keep it up!  Miss Walton.

Ryan.  For being resilient in maths and being creative in a mathematical way when solving problems.  Keep it up!  Miss Walton.

 Adrita.  Adrita has worked incredibly hard this week to improve her attitude towards learning, challenges she would have previously found intimidating now excite her.  Keep going!  Miss Ali.

Jessica.  For always contributing to class discussions and being an inquisitive learner.  She is always thinking outside the box!  Miss Ali.


Barnaby and Jason.  For a HUGE improvement in their writing.  All the teachers in year 5 who work with these boys are so impressed and proud of them J  Miss Turner.

Giovani, Desire and Ruquaya.  For their excellent work in maths this week, showing rigorous behaviour.  Miss Peter.

Keerthisanker.  Well done writing the next chapter of Odysseus and including ambitious vocabulary.  Keep it up.  Miss Peter.

Anjali.  For always showing resilience in maths and admitting when she needs help.  Miss waxer.

Aditya.  For being rigorous in his writing.  He has worked really hard to improve his speed.  Miss Waxer.

Lacy.  For participating enthusiastically and also leading the performance of the scene from the story.  Mr Hassouna.

Swenique.  For writing an excellent story using wonderful imagination and amazing VCOP.  Mr Hassouna.

Petra.  For being confident while solving maths problems.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

8th February 2017

Aarush.  For making a big effort to join in in class.  Miss Emery.

Lois.  For being a great new member of class. Miss Emery.

Lilly-May.  For working really hard on her independent work.  Miss Penn.

Khadija.  For being a consistent role model in the class.  Well done.  Miss Penn.

Habib.  Fantastic effort in Maths and English this week.J  Mrs O’Regan.

Gabriel.  Gabriel has worked very hard recently to improve his concentration and attitude to his learning!  What a great transformation.  Miss Riordan.

Adrita and Jessica.  For their enquiring skills and ability to ask really good questions that helps move our learning on.  Miss Ali.

Shubham. For showing tremendous improvement in the swimming lessons.  Ms Mazowe.

Liliana.  Because she has been very enquiring and asking some good questions during lessons.  Miss Walton.

Na’Kiah.  For persevering through difficult lessons, asking for help when she did not understand something and not giving up.  Miss Walton.

Vanessa.  A rigorous, resilient and aspirational approach to her Maths and her English and all of her other subjects.  Mr McCabe.

Jakub.  Always being aspirational and trying to reach his full potential.  He is a shining example to her rest of the class.  Mr McCabe.

Daniel.  For being resilient in working on his braille note.  Miss Waxer, Mr Johnson and Miss Turner have noticed a massive difference in the quality of his writing.  We are all very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself.  Miss Waxer.

Roopal.  For having a fantastic start at Park Hill Juniors and settling in well.  Miss Peter.

Rhianne.  For her fantastic effort in reading and always pushing herself to read more challenging books.  Miss Peter.

Thomas.  For making a conscious effort to participate in classroom discussions.  Miss Filiga.

Dwayne.  For settling in really well in Park Hill.  Miss Filiga.

Rayansh.  For being extremely resourceful within Maths today.  He was able to manipulate multi line cubes to help him solve a complicated algebra problem.  Mr Hassouna.

Riya and Aditi C. For making a great start with their Wolf Brother story – you have selected some very adventurous and effective language.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Taylor, Zainaa and Sadhana.  For their tremendous behaviour and maturity at the O2 on Monday – especially when walking through the pouring rain- tired, confused and almost lost!  Miss Jennings-Grant.

1st February 2017

Salah.  Fantastic responses during class discussion and improved focus towards his work.  Miss Emery.

Kevin.  For his willingness to help adults.  Miss Emery.

Sachith.  For his brilliant non-fiction writing about penguins and their predators.  Miss Emery.

Sara.  For her enquiring attitude in maths and helping others in their work.  Miss Emery.

Morton.  Showing consistently good behaviour.  Miss Penn.

Kai.  For showing improvement in his behaviour.  Miss Penn.

Adam.  For a fantastic improvement in his attitude toward his learning! Keep it up!  Miss Riordan.

Mariam.  For consistently trying her best in every subject, even when something is difficult!  Miss Riordan.

Darrian.  Great attitude towards children and all adults using good manners.  Ms O’Regan.

Pranit.  For being reflective when thinking about ways to change Sleeping Beauty into a modern tale.  Miss Ali.

Athan.  For settling into 4A so beautifully.  Welcome to Park Hill, we are glad to have you.  Miss Ali.

Shohib.  Learning to tell the time using the 24-hour clock and confidently tackling challenging activities.  Well done.  Ms Mazowe.

Cameryn.  For a fantastic story about giants that included excellent description.  Miss Walton.

Nisha.  For an excellent informative report about the layers of the rainforest. Miss Walton.

Elroye.  For persevering with some tricky work in maths, being resilient and working really hard.  Miss Walton.

Zara.  For always being polite and respectful.  She is a wonderful role model or others.  Miss Walton. 

Sadhana.  Being a good friend and trying her best to help her classmates.  Mr McCabe.

Janice.  Making an effort to work more effectively during group activities.  Mr McCabe.

Pranav and Rhianne.  For their excellent participation in group discussions and being a communicative learner.  Keep it up.  Miss Peter.

Pranav.  I have noticed a great improvement in Pranav’s punctuality.  Well done.  Miss Turner.

Ritika and Sambodi.  For being resilient when working out very tricky maths problems.  Miss Waxer.

Elisa and Fiza.  For consistently producing outstanding pieces of homework this term.  They have set an example to the rest of the class.  Keep it up.  Mr Hassouna.

Alyssa.  For reflecting upon her mistakes in maths and growing from them next lesson.  Miss Filiga.

Usri.  For becoming more independent across the curriculum showing she is able to take responsibility for her own learning.  Miss Filiga.

Mikail.  For showing great resilience in English.  Keep up your hard work.  Miss Filiga.

25th January 2017

 Caleb.  Working really hard on his writing independently. Miss Penn.

Corin.  For producing excellent writing about penguins.  Miss Penn.

Sulaiman.  For showing consistently good behaviour.  Miss Penn.

Ved.  Great improvement to his attitude to learning! Well done J Miss Riordan.

Meenakshi.  Extra effort when putting detail into her writing, making it very interesting to read.  Miss Riordan.

Amanda and Zahra.  For producing a fantastic model representing the layers of the rainforest.  Miss Ali.

Esa.  For being resilient when solving challenging maths questions.  Keep it up!  Miss Ali.

Jessica.  For helping other children with their maths when they found it challenging.  Ms Mazowe.

Athar.  For his excellent use of rich vocabulary in his poems.  Keep up the good work.  Miss Peter.

Phoebe.  For her fantastic work in maths and knowing all the properties of a triangle.  Miss Peter.

Jay.  Showing a positive attitude towards his learning.  He is always showing an enquiring mind.  Mr McCabe.

Zainaa.  Being aspirational in her maths always wanting to achieve the best she can.  Mr McCabe.

Atishaya.  For producing an extremely inspirational speech based on “I have a dream” I was in awe reading it! Miss Jennings-Grant.

Petra and Aila.  For their excellent versions of the highwayman, they played the roles seriously and had clear voices. Miss Jennings-Grant.

18th January 2017

Habib and Sulaiman.  For having a rigorous attitude towards his English writing and not giving up!J  Keep up the good work!  Miss Riordan.

Jessica.  For her very reflective attitude and great work on equivalent fractions.  Miss Emery.

Grace.  For her model behaviour and perseverance in her maths.  Miss Emery.

Atul.  For writing a brilliant poem that included personification.  Miss Mazowe.

Blossom.  For being rigorous when practicing her spellings.  She has managed to get them all right for 3 weeks in a row!  Well done.  Miss Ali.

Edeline.  For being reflective when re-drafting to produce an excellent story ending for the Giant killers.  Miss Ali.

Kaushal.  Being resourceful and trying different methods if finding things difficult in Maths.  Mr McCabe.

Janani.  Being communicative and sharing her mathematical findings in an easy to understand way.  Mr McCabe.

Desire and Abhineet.  For their excellent behaviour in class discussions.  Keep it up.  Miss Peter.

Maanasha.  Consistently getting full marks for her spelling tests.  Mrs Price.

Aishwarya. For an excellent piece of writing from the point of view of Poseidon.  Miss Waxer.

Hana.  For writing an incredibly moving narrative based on our narrative poem we are studying “The Highwayman” You really captured Tim the Ostler perfectly within your description and the events you chose to use allowed you to successfully implement the 6 steps to successful narrative writing.  Keep up all your hard work J  Miss Filiga.

Nishita and Antonio.  For using their enquiring skills within classroom discussions, thinking outside the box to answer interesting questions.  Mr Hassouna.

Sasha.  For asking great questions during RE when learning about Karma.  Your inquisitive mind really helped you to gain a better understanding.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

6th December 2016

 Hafsa.  For her ever improving attitude to her learning and contribution in class.  Miss Emery.

Nathan.  For being such a polite member of the class and a good example to others.  Miss Emery.

Plamena.  For her continuous enthusiasm to learn.  Keep it up. Miss Penn.

Elgin.  For working hard on his science work today independently.  Keep up the focused work.  Miss Penn.

Kamil.  For great effort and improvement during carpet discussions.  Keep it up J  Miss Riordan.

Esa.  For working hard to create an informative booklet persuading people to visit Egypt.  Miss Ali.

Zahra.  For coming up with some inventive ideas to persuade 4A to board the Polar Express.  Miss Ali.

Filip.  For being very helpful in the classroom to both his peers and the teacher, particularly during rehearsals.  Ms Mazowe.

Anveesha.  For her brilliant organisational skills.  Ms Georgieva.

Poppie.  For her hard work during English lessons.  Ms Georgieva.

Aryan.  For his perseverance and hard work during IPC lessons.  Ms Georgieva.

Elijah and Abhineet.  For their excellent persuasive letter writing and using ambitious vocabulary.  Well done.  Miss Peter.

Ashanti.  Working hard in all lessons to improve her knowledge and understanding.  Mr McCabe.

Sara.  Helping her classmates with their learning.  Mr McCabe.

Lucas, Mya and Raadhike.  For remembering all the words to the Christmas concert songs and trying their best in rehearsals.  Miss Waxer.

Robbie.  For using his existing knowledge to support and build his understanding.  Your hard work has been noted by many teachers.  Miss Filiga.

Sasha.  For making a conscious decision to be a more focused, positive and an all-round star in class.  Well done – please keep it up!  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Ridon and Aakash.  For contributing brilliant ideas to class discussion.  This has aided other children’s learning ensuring understanding of tricky concepts. Keep it up boys!  Mr Hassouna.

30th November 2016

Isaak.  For his positive attitude towards his learning and inspiring others in the class to do the same.  Miss Emery.

Sariah.  For her fantastic contributions in class and the greatly improved effort that she puts into her work.  Miss Emery.

Tyra.  For trying really hard with her reading and reading every day at home.  Keep it up.  Miss Penn.

Sulaiman.  For consistently working to the best of his ability.  He is a role model to other children.  Miss Penn.

Aleena.  Excellent attitude towards all lessons and tasks given.  A real role model for the rest of the class.  Miss Riordan.

Vyansh and Eleanor.  For working hard in computing to create some amazing animations.  Well done.  Miss Ali.

Shohib.  For writing a good introduction for his diary in English.  Miss Mazowe.

Nisha and Emily.  For fantastic animations in computing which demonstrated expert use of onion skinning.  Miss Walton.

Zuhayr.  Showing a positive attitude in class and having artistic flair.  Mr McCabe.

Jason.  Never giving up on difficult tasks and showing determination to improve.  Mr McCabe.

Ruquaya and Rieet.  These children have been reflective learners and is always asking ways to improve their work, especially in writing.  Miss Peter.

Naomi and Rabani.  For producing outstanding balanced newspaper articles.  Your writing continues to impress me, getting better every week.  Keep up the hard work girls.  Miss Filiga.

Nadim.  He has settled in at Park Hill very quickly and has been a great addition to 6H.  Mr Hassouna.

23rd November 2016

Tanvi.  For writing a fantastic diary entry as a character from a story.  Miss Emery.

Aarush.  For being rigorous when writing his diary entry to create a great piece of work.  Miss Emery.

Haresh.  For producing some outstanding writing and really following the success criteria.  Miss Penn.

Millee.  For working really hard on the carpet and always giving her full attention and potential on the carpet!  A model to other children.  Miss Penn.

Dinadee.  Great effort in reading aloud both at home and in school.  Well done.  Miss Riordan.

Jon.  For a great performance highlighting what makes a great playscript.  Miss Ali.

Yug.  For being reflective when giving a mathematical explanation.  Miss Ali.

Shubham.  For writing a brilliant letter of complaint in English.  Miss Mazowe.

Anush and King Matan.  For fantastic biased newspaper articles using emotive language.  They certainly made me feel sorry for Bruce Bogtrotter and made Miss Trunchbull sound very scary!  Miss Walton.

Emile and Maria.  For their excellent start on their stories and really thinking about alternative endings.  Well done.  Miss Peter.

Abdi and Laksh.  For showing respect and consideration for all adults during lessons.  Miss Waxer.

Aishya.  For reflecting on her work and improving her writing consistently throughout this half term.  Miss Filiga.

Ethan and Tara.  They always edit their work carefully and have worked really hard to improve their writing this year.  Mr Hassouna.

Mohammad.  For making such amazing progress in swimming this term.  You have come such a long way and hope you continue.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Joy.  Joy joined us 2 weeks ago and has made some great friends and has settled in very well, showing great eagerness to learn.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Tiarna. Maths doesn’t always come easy to Tiarna, however her perseverance and reflective ethic have helped her to progress and learn in abundance.  Excellent just excellent.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

16th November 2016

Himang.  For creating a detailed story map with great ideas of his own.  Miss Emery.

David.  Writing a fantastic evaluation of a book without support.  Miss Emery.

Deepika.  For producing some excellent writing in English and trying hard to include all the features required.  Miss Penn.

Vincente.  Working hard to write independently.  Miss Penn.

Shruthi.  Fantastic effort and perseverance in maths this week.  Miss Riordan.

Jessica.  Helping other children in the class whenever she can.  Miss Riordan

Daania and Ryen.  For their determination and consistently positive attitude which helps them to extend their learning.  Miss Ali.

Diya.  For breaking out of her comfort zone by overcoming her shyness to present a piece of work.  Miss Ali.

Ionut.  For impressively learning the months of the year in French.  Ms Mazowe.

Maya and Safiya.  For some excellent and very creative Egyptian homework’s.  They have clearly put a lot of effort and time into these.  Well done.  Miss Walton.

Emile.  For his excellent contributions in English and writing a good instruction for being a Captain.  Miss Peter.

Ruquaya.  For consistently trying her best in all lessons and persevering.  Miss Peter.

Aiden.  For trying his best in all lessons and coming up with excellent formal language in English.  Well done.  Miss Peter.

Maanasha.  For studying so hard for her spellings and receiving 100% every week.  Miss Waxer.

Rowan and Srithan.  For showing their knowledge and understanding of politics on Parliament day.  Miss Waxer.

Kane.  Always coming to school ready to learn.  He never fails to impress me in class discussion, always thinking deeper about certain topics and in result scaffolding other children’s learning in class.  Keep up all your hard work!  Miss Filiga.

Kaizar.  For having a more mature approach to all subject areas, becoming more independent and challenging himself to justify answers explicitly.  Miss Filiga,

Alex.  Displaying such inspirational passion in the discussion and debate on Parliament day.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Aditi.  For always showing great aspirations to reach her potential and display her abilities.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

2nd November 2016

Lexi-Lu.  For fantastic maths work looking at the fractions of shapes.  Miss Emery.

Damon Smith.  A huge improvement in his confidence in class.  Miss Emery.

Ayaana.  For persevering with her work even when it is difficult.  Miss Penn.

Sabar.  Showing consistently good behaviour around school.  Miss Penn.

Dakshina.  Much improved attitude and effort to learning.  Miss Riordan.

Misha.  Great effort in maths this week.  Miss Riordan.

Danhi.  For being reflective when thinking about his behaviour and turning it around by making the right choices.  Miss Ali.

Edeline.  For always setting a fantastic example for others in and out of the classroom.  Miss Ali.

Ayesha.  For being resilient when searching for equivalent fractions and helping others along the way.  Miss Ali.

Eliza.  For being reflective and working hard at solving fractions.  Ms Mazowe.

Sofia.  For being reflective and coming up with an inspirational goal.  Ms Geogieva.

Pranav.  Helping his friends to improve their understanding.  Mr McCabe.

Adhithya.  Helping his classmates to improve their understanding of maths.  Mr McCabe.

Harini.  These children have worked extremely well in their maths and never giving up.  Keep up the good work.  Miss Peter.

Obade and Anjali.  These girls have been given a merit from their tag rugby coach for always helping tidy up the equipment and being great listeners.  Miss Waxer.

Lois.  For settling in so well to 5W and Park Hill.  Lois does an exceptional job at being inclusive to all her classmates.  Miss Waxer.

Kiva.  For an excellent piece of homework about the cooking she has done.  The cake was delicious!  Mr Hassouna.

Kieran.  For editing his work carefully to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.  Mr Hassouna.

George.  Excellent homework.  Keep it up.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Aditi and Mayukh.  Always displaying model behaviour.  You set a great example to the rest of the class.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Kurt.   For his concentration and positive attitude towards maths this week.  Through this new approach he has been able to challenge himself and complete quality work.  Keep it up!  Miss Filiga.

Rabani.  For her determination and consistent approach towards all areas of the curriculum.  She is a great role model for 6F.  Keep on reaching for the stars.  Miss Filiga.

Laila.  For becoming a reflective learner and drawing on previous mistakes to help her be successful.  She always enters each day with a positive and bubbly attitude, keep it up!  Miss Filiga.

12th October 2016

Daya.  Designed and made a fantastic winter outfit for homework.  Miss Emery.

Mathew.  Fantastic work on time this week.  Miss Emery.

Omar.  Working really hard in maths partitioning numbers.  Miss Penn.

Tuanna.  For an excellent piece of homework about her holiday.  Miss Penn.

Amore.  For working really hard on her writing and trying to do her best.  Miss Penn.

Lilly May.  For working really hard with her maths.  Keep up the good work!  Miss Penn.

Darrian.  Fantastic effort in his writing about the formation of a pebble – a pleasure to read.  Miss Riordan.

Atharv.  An improvement in his concentration and attitude to learning.  Keep it up J  Miss Riordan.

Taran.  A fantastic descriptive piece of writing which was well checked through J  Miss Riordan.

Movado.  For creating a fantastic mask of an ancient Egyptian God for homework.  Well done!  Miss Ali.

Divij.  For creating a detailed poem about Miss Honey using figurative language.  Miss Ali.

Blossom.  For listening carefully to the swimming instructor to overcome her fears of being in the water.  Miss Ali.

Teddy.  For being resilient when finding the answers to challenging time questions.  Miss Ali.

Vivaan.  For helping his peers to learn telling the time.  Ms Mazowe.

Eshan.  For continuously producing outstanding homework.  Ms Mazowe.

Navya.  For writing a fantastic horror story.  Mr McCabe.

Mihika.  Brilliant problem solving and setting a good example to her classmates.   Mr McCabe.

Igor.  Making an effort to learn English and communicate with his classmates.  Mr McCabe.

Vanessa.   Editing her work carefully to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.  Mr McCabe.

Deborah, Luke and Konstantinos.  For great focus and progress in maths interventions to do with time.  Miss Turner.

Archit.  For improving his justifications in maths, thinking about strategies used and proving through evidence of calculations.  Miss Filiga.

Aditya, Hibah, Tara, Aishya, May-Maya and Max.  For demonstrating outstanding team work during a research project showing they can communicate and collaborate effectively.  Miss Filiga.

Marc.  For applying his brilliant mathematic skills and challenging himself every week to do better.  Miss Filiga.

Lucca.  He always shares his ideas with the class and helps other children when they need it.  Mr Hassouna.

Aditi.  Extensive justification examples used to prove her theory in maths.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Aila.  Exceptionally detailed homework every week.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

Reyansh.  For his excellent scientific conclusion.  It was extremely thorough and Reyansh used the correct scientific terminology throughout.  Miss Penn.

27th September 2016


Romeo.  For his hard work in maths and for being very helpful to adults.  Miss Emery.


Asmi.  For trying really hard in her maths and not giving up when it’s hard.  Miss Penn.

Ishika.  Showing excellent behaviour around school.  Miss Penn.


Sarah. For putting 100% effort into every lesson.  Miss Riordan.

Baruni.  For wanting to challenge and push herself in maths to help achieve her best.  Miss Riordan.


Inga.  For coming up with a great variety of words and sentences to describe Shrek.  Miss Ali.

Movado.  For being resilient when faced with mathematical challenges he finds difficult.  Well done! J  Miss Ali.


Seth.  Having very creative ideas and using lots of adjectives in his writing.  Ms Mazowe.

Nishika and O’Shane.  For creating an interesting board game to help others learn their 9 times table.  Ms Mazowe.


Ari and Cameryn.  For settling in so well to Park Hill and being so kind and friendly to everyone they meet.  This is a lovely way to be!  Miss Walton.


Barnaby.  For helping his new classmate to settle in and being a good friend.  Mr McCabe.

Jamie.  For consistently outstanding effort and behaviour.  Mr McCabe.

Sara.  For consistently outstanding effort and behaviour.  Mr McCabe.


Koshitha.  For her excellent communicative behaviour in the classroom especially during group work and sharing her opinions.  Miss Peter.


Maanasha and Sesha.  For always sitting silently and waiting for their next instructions.  Great role models for the rest of your class.  Miss Waxer.


Albertina.  For consistently producing high quality work and becoming a reflective learner.  Miss Filiga.


Dhriti and Phoenix.  They always produce work to the best of their ability and have set an example to the rest of the class.  Mr Hassouna.

21st September 2016


Vihaan K.  For adapting very well to year 3 and being a great example to the rest.  Miss Emery.


Adam E.  Showing fantastic learning behaviours on the carpet.  Miss Penn.

Luca LP.  Excellent focus when working independently.  Miss Penn.


Dinadee P and Madison D.  For fantastic presentation in every lesson in every subject! J Miss Riordan.


Teddy E.  For creating a fantastic piece of homework showing the process of mummification.  Miss Ali.

Blossom H.  For writing a lovely invitation surrounding Fantastic Mr Fox.  Miss Ali.


Om DD.  For being friendly and quickly settling in 4M.  Miss Mazowe.

Turie-Naii B.  For being helpful to other children in the class.  Miss Mazowe.


Karen W-N.  For being resourceful and doing some extra research at home.  Miss Walton.

Shaan G.  For writing a fantastic chapter in the style of Roald Dahl.  Miss Walton.


Giovani P.  For his excellent behaviour on the school trip and asking questions about the Olympic Park.  Well done.  Miss Peter.


Gayathri Ganesan and Jakub Kujawski.  Consistently setting a good example to their classmates.  They try to be the best they can be!  Mr McCabe.

14th September 2016


Lexi L D.  For being respectful to teachers and other people in the class.  Miss Emery.

Prishaa S and Aditi B.  For being fantastic buddies to 2 of our new pupils.  Miss Emery.


Nikol N.  For trying so hard to learn English despite just coming to England.  Miss Penn.

Chelsea F and Ishika V.  For settling into year 3 really well and trying hard to keep the school and class rules.  Keep it up.  Miss Penn.


Dante M.  Consistently trying in every lesson even when challenged.  Miss Riordan.

Jeneva P and Nicolas A.  For trying their hardest to follow the new school rules and being role models to the rest of the class.  Miss Riordan.


Charlie E and Manas V.  For settling into year 4 beautifully and being a great help around the classroom.  Miss Ali.

Amanda A.  For reinforcing the class rules by being a fantastic role model.  Miss Ali.


Na’Kiah L.  For demonstrating excellent balancing skills in PE.  Miss Walton.

Neveah R.  For always doing the right thing and setting a wonderful example to her peers.  Miss Walton.

Arush S.  For always being on his best behaviour and following class 4W’s rules.  Miss Walton.


Isabella N-J.  Great effort in Maths – she relishes overcoming challenges.  Mr McCabe.

Ashanti T-E and Ovidiu C.  They have both settled into year 5 very well and are becoming brilliant role models for the rest of the class.  Mr McCabe.


Thurayya R and Emile B.  For settling down really well at Park Hill and not being afraid to try new activities.  Miss Peter.

Niranjan C.  For being a rigorous learner and producing an excellent persuasive advert.  Miss Peter.


Esha R and Daniel W.  For demonstrating perfect examples of all learning behaviours.  Daniel and Esha have also helped their peers in the learning to learn activities.   Miss Waxer.

Michelle F.  For doing an exceptional job at her task as a register monitor.  Always on time and remembering to do it.  Miss Waxer.


Max-Xavier M.  For contributing brilliant ideas to classroom discussions and never being afraid to take a risk.  Miss Filiga.

Tara A.  For her over all enthusiasm, dedication and hard work within all areas of the curriculum. You are a great role model for 6F.  Keep it up!  Miss Filiga.


Alex D.  Brilliant start to the year displaying model behaviour.  Keep it up.  Miss Jennings-Grant.

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