The Curriculum at Park Hill Junior School.

Park Hill Junior School is committed to meeting the requirements of the new Primary Curriculum (introduced September 2014). The new curriculum was introduced with the aim of raising standards, and takes inspiration from the world’s most successful school systems, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Finland.

With a focus on excellence and core skills, it is intended to be more challenging, although the content is actually slimmer than the previous curriculum.  Emphasis is on essential core subject knowledge and skills, such as essay writing and computer programming.

The school staff have revised our school based schemes of work, in order to meet the demands of the new curriculum.

The following subjects are compulsory at KS2:

Core Subjects:   English, Maths & Science

Foundation Subjects:  Art & Design, Computing (previously called ICT), Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education and Foreign Language.

All schools are required to teach Religious education at all key stages.  The RE at Park Hill Junior School follows the Croydon RE syllabus and celebrates all major world.

Our aim is to teach the foundation subjects of the new curriculum in an engaging, interesting and stimulating way primarily through a thematic approach. Many subjects are taught through cross-year topics and some topics involve the whole of a key stage.

Parental Support

If you have any questions/queries about the curriculum, please speak to your child’s Class Teacher or Year Group Leader.

Each term we will display a curriculum overview of the topics to be covered in their child’s class on the noticeboards outside Y3/4 and Y5/6 (click here for a copy of the overview). You may wish to talk about the topics at home with your child, or perhaps arrange a family outing to increase awareness and understanding of a subject.

To support your child, you may wish to use the links/documents on this website:




Topic (Foundation Subjects)




Physical Education

Religious Education



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